Roots Country School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi (CBSE), and the Sr School is affiliated till the senior secondary level (+2).

Courses of Study

Courses of study as laid down by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and the syllabi framed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), of the Government of India, Delhi are strictly adhered to and followed. The children are prepared to sit for the All India Secondary and Senior Secondary School Examinations, conducted by the CBSE, Delhi.


The School houses a well-stocked library with an excellent collection of books at various levels. Encyclopedias on various subject are available in the library for reference purposes. Every year we invest major funds to increase the collection of books. School now has a collection of more than five thousand books. Books are also made available in the dorms and they are circulated on regular basis, so that every child gets to choose from different options available.

Smart Classrooms

Interactivity is a great feature that enhances the interest level of the students in their class leading to more hands being raised to give answers. School offers the latest and updated digital content of Oxford advantage curriculum (Nursery to 5th Class) & Ebix smart class content (6th to 12″ class) in 22 smart classrooms.

Science Laboratories

Modern and well-equipped science laboratories are available on campus. The Labs have the requisite essential equipment for conducting practicals for the integrated science course at the secondary school stage, and for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology practicals at the Senior Secondary Stage, as per the requirement of the new curriculum and scheme of studies, laid down by the CBSE.

Kindergarten & Play Area

The school has completely secure premises for its tiny tots i.e., a classroom setup and an indoor play area cum activity center. It is a “home away from home” to give them a “best in class” environment to optimize their potential. These play areas have safe and world class equipment that provide the little ones with rich learning atmosphere, where they learn life skills and team building in play way method. It focuses on all facets of the development of these tender minds.

Syllabus/Lead Curriculum

Roots Collaborated with LEAD for classes Nursery to 8th Session 2023. LEAD curriculum is an integrated theme-based curriculum that follows a multi- modal approach to ensure holistic development of children. It is benchmarked with NEL Singapore and is in line with NCERT curriculum as prescribed by NEP 2020.


The primary motive behind counseling at school level is to address the emotional, social and behavioral needs of the students. And to create a seamless and friendly environment to help each one of them with different approaches. Always remember that school-based professionals provide counseling and not psychotherapy.