The school provides boarding facility for 800 students. The dormitories are well furnished with modern sanitary fittings and 24 hour running hot and cold water. The warden, matrons along with the teaching staff reside in the hostel buildings to keep an overall eye on the day to day activities of the students. Special care is taken about the nutrition of the students, they are provided with a well balanced diet four times a day. The warden and teachers take their meals with them in the mess. The hostel also provides a common room where the boarders can enjoy in their leisure time with various fun games and activities.

Advantages of being in a Boarding School

  • Students learn to be more responsible for their belongings and behaviour. Since the parents are not always available to look after a child’s need in a boarding school, students develop a more careful and watchful attitude.
  • Students learn to look after their needs. They become self-dependent, and do not feel the need to rely on others to fulfil their primary tasks.
  • Students become more productive as a schedule bounds them. They tend to complete all their tasks and also learn time management. Students are allotted fix time for their daily requirements, and any delay could impact them negatively. Hence they become more punctual.
  • Students learn several critical human virtues and develop a sense of gratitude and compassion. Since they have to do their necessary work on their own, they become respectful and more grateful towards the people who help them. At home, parents do every little task for their children, but in a residential school, no such help is available to the students.
  • Students also get better opportunities for enhancing their academic and overall personality skills. They can get the guidance of the faculties 24*7 and hence can clear their doubts in a better manner.


The school houses a well equipped medical room and its own experienced doctor available 24×7. Skilled and experienced professionals are in 24 hour attendance to ensure that all emergencies are handled with utmost care and attention. Regular medical checkup and record is maintained to ensure a healthy environment.

Swimming Pool

Of all the sports activities, swimming is the most comprehensive and exciting exercise. Roots is the first school in the state to acquire this unique feature of an indoor heated swimming pool. The pool is fitted with all the latest gadgets and modern accessories. With complete safety standards the pool has a dimension of 30*60 feet and depth up to 4.6 feet.

Movie Theatre

To break the monotony of the daily school routine and to entertain the students and staff, the school houses a modern
movie theatre within the school campus. Here they catch up with the latest movies as well as theatrical plays and musical performances.


Keeping in mind the dietary needs and temptations of the children, other than proper meals, the school has its own full-fledged bakery setup. The bakery provides freshly prepared eatables prepared in the most hygienic conditions certified by FSSAI.

Mess Food

The School has a mess where 350 students can have food in one batch in the most hygienic and healthy conditions. Teachers and all other staff also accompany students during meals to keep an overall eye on nutrition and quality. School has deputed wardens, pharmacists, and mess in charge as accountable persons. Proper nutrition and tasty food in adequate quantity is our top priority. Under the continuous supervision of mess in charge, a healthy menu is decided in consultation with the staff and the children.


A few moments that you snatch from the hectic work schedule are best spent in the school cafeteria with a convenient layout. It provides wholesome snacks and drinks in the most hygienic conditions. It not only caters to the needs of the students and staff members but also the parents and visitors. The canteen administration takes care of the events like birthday parties, etc. taking place in the cafeteria.
Birthday Celebration/party can be organized by the student with prior consent from the parent and the warden.


Apart from trained security personals who keep a constant vigil on the activities of students, the school is fully equipped with CCTV cameras installed everywhere along with a control room to ensure constant surveillance to avoid any accident and mishaps. The entire campus is fenced with barbed wires, making sure that the security is not breached at any point of time.